The Cucumber Classic

By Nmami Agarwal             06/01/2018

The Cucumber Classic

This is a supremely harsh summer, don’t you think? It becomes essential to  nourish our bodies to with the requisite vitamins, minerals, & fiber.  Green juices are liquid gold for your health and skin. Green vegetables like cucumber and spinach are filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you hydrated. This green goodness mixed with mint gives a burst of freshness to your drink. The sharp taste of ginger adds a twist to the juice along with benefits such as fading scars, rejuvenation and detoxification of skin.

Course: Evening

  •  ½ cucumber
  •  4 Spinach leaves
  • 7-8 mint leaves
  •  ½ inch ginger
  •  200 ml water
  •  Ice cubes


  • Add all of the ingredients together in the blender and blend everything properly.
  •  You can add more water to it if needed and mix well again.
  • Serve the juice in a glass and add ice cubes accordingly.

Clear skin and well-being don’t have to be unattainable. These two factors will go hand in hand with this detoxifying green juice which is the perfect combination of taste and health. This summer, don’t let the sun steal your shine!

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4 thoughts on “The Cucumber Classic”

  1. Thank you so much for this… Can we have it in the morning as a first drink of a day???

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