Simple ways to keep your new born healthy

By Nmami Agarwal             11/22/2017

Simple ways to keep your new born healthy

Babies are a symbol of love, and you as a parent obviously want them to be safe from everything no matter what. But parenting a new born is not as easy as it sounds, though being the most amazing experience to exist on the face of the earth. It feels magical to become a mother and having a small ball of cuteness overloaded by your side, but magic will not keep your little one healthy and nourished, you will!
So jotted below are a few ways which will help you deliver the required nutrients to your baby for their proper nourishment.

    Your baby’s first 6 months:

  • In the first six months, your baby is solely dependent on breast milk, and as stated by World Health Organisation it is the optimum way of feeding infants.
  • The reason why breast milk is the optimal source of nutrients for babies is because it is full of antibodies, antimicrobial elements, enzymes & various anti-inflammatory factors.
  • During this phase every mother should limit their exposure to toxic elements, alongside limiting the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. While consuming as much fresh and organic food as possible. Cause whatever a mom eats or drinks passes onto the baby through breast milk.
  • While lactating, the modern moms might need supplementation, which specifically includes supplements of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Iron.

Nutrition for Babies from 6-12 months old

When your little one turns 6 months old, start Introducing semi-solid and solid food at a slow pace. At about 4-6 months old, your baby can digest most foods. Here’s a great thumb rule to follow, babies are ready for solid foods once they have doubled their weight and they can hold their head up. Start by feeding them semi-solid food. Feed it in supplement to breast milk and not alone. It should not be as a replacement to breast milk. Go slow while introducing new food, don’t force your baby and most importantly, don’t give up. Also, pay close attention to any type of negative reaction/allergy.

Steps to Follow for New Mothers

Step 1- Introduce cereals first. Rice cereal with breast milk is a common first food, as it is well tolerated by babies

Step 2- Vegetables are full of nutrients and not as sweet as fruits. Pureed vegetables such as sweet potato, beets, carrots are easy to cook and mash.

Step 3- Here’s a tricky thing. Introduce fruits ONLY after vegetables. If fruits are introduced first, baby might develop the taste for sweet and not like vegetables. To acquire a taste for both fruits and veggies, go veggies first.

Step 4- Include foods rich in protein such as lentils, egg, etc. A great way is to blend rice and daal together.

Over to You:
Don’t get confused with advices coming from everywhere; try and take it easy. You’ve just been blessed with a bundle of joy and you’re the mother. Your instincts along with these tips will ensure that your baby grows healthier, stronger and happier. Happy Mothering!

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