Nutrition for Heart Health

By Nmami Agarwal             09/08/2018

Nutrition for Heart Health

Heart is the central organ around which the functioning of our body circle and find an equation that indicates a ‘Healthy Life’. A healthy heart is a key to unlock a healthy body and mind. Its primary function is to maintain an effective pumping of blood in the human body’s circulatory system. To keep this kingpin organ on its toes we need to put in the best nutrition so that the life never stops.

But the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits paint a grim picture of a healthy heart. A cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats, either too slow or too fast) andHeart attack, in which blood supply to a certain part of the heart is completely stopped, usually tops the chart of heart diseases in India, which can be caused by numerous reasons where generally palpitations, pounding on chest, dizziness, fatigue, sweating, chest pain, troubled breathing are the symptoms. But few dietary modifications can normalize an inconsistent heart like adding food rich in soluble fibre (such as oatmeal and beans), whole grain barley and low salt intake etc.

Alcohol and Smoking
Too much alcohol is unhealthy for the heart, but researchers in their work have supported a fact that alcohol in moderation is helpful in keeping the heart fit. In fact, many types of research across the globe have come up stating that red wine is good for the heart. Resveratrol and catechins, the two antioxidants in red wine, can protect artery walls. So, a little red wine may be a heart-healthy choice. But for smoking, there is a strict ‘no’. Smoking wears off functioning of the heart and is responsible for many heart malfunctions. It also casts the same devil shadow on
other organs too. Hence smoking cessation is of huge importance and requires an urgency to act on it.

 The right food
Olive oil (made from smashed olives) has rich heart-friendly antioxidants, can be the new cooking oil in your kitchen. A handful of walnuts can not only lower your cholesterol but also acts against inflammation in your heart’s arteries. Roping in oranges, almonds, sweet potatoes, barley and cherries in your daily diet can turn out to be a boon for your heart. Moderating your alcohol intake can help your heart miraculously. Restricting the saturated and trans fat and controlling sodium should be the goal when it comes to a healthy heart.

Some lefts and rights
Growing urge to secure higher achievements at office leaves very less room for exercise which is actually blowing the nerve of your healthy heart. To put up a healthy life with a healthy heart, then you need to make sure that the career graph grows in tone with the good heart conditions which mandate some lite to moderate exercises in the daily routine. Some cardiovascular exercises which raise your heart rate like jumping, walking, running and stair climbing add strength to your heart.

Over to you
We all have to achieve great feats in just one life, and in doing so, overlooking the mastermind organ that keeps the blood of life alive in the body is not justified. To keep the rhythms of life in sync with your heart beats, you need to coordinate with the demands of your heart which envelopes not more than some health-giving foods and few healthy moves of your body.

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