Kids eat what parents eat

By Nmami Agarwal             09/03/2018

Kids eat what parents eat

All parents worry about kids’ nutrition and rightly so. What, when and how your kids eat may set their lifelong habits which can be either beneficial or alarmingly unhealthy. It’s more of a case about teaching them what to eat for proper nourishment that is spontaneous and also the easiest. Imitation is the process through which kids learn a lot of things.

Healthy eating is extremely essential for kids for their stronger bones, teeth, muscles and a healthy heart. Also, eating healthy foods help them to maintain a healthy weight, keeps brain sharp, enhance learning power and promotes optimal body functioning. But we also are aware of the fact that not all kids are understanding, and therefore, being as parents it’s up to you to guide them for the importance of eating healthy.

A healthy eating means eating a wide variety of healthy foods from each of the five food groups, while considering the daily recommended amount. For that, you have to the role model for kids, as kids tend to eat what you eat.  If you involve yourself in your kid’s meal planning meals, go grocery shopping together and prepare food with your kids, they will become interested in the process knowing more likely to eat with you. Even making your kids invest some time in making the grocery lists can help them make healthy choices by the time.

Participating in regular family meals also promote positive eating habits amongst your kids as they see you eating healthy and tends to eat the same what you eat.  If everyone on the dining table is eating healthy, your kids will naturally want to follow the same, as their mind will adapt to what’s happening around them. So, make sure that you eat on the dining table together and turn off all the distractions that may lead to diverting your kid’s attention from the meal such as the TV or mobile devices.  In general, kids like to have some responsibility for what they eat so develop that responsibility while eating together. And it all starts with you being as their role model for your kids.

Over to you

Turn meal and snack times into healthy eating habit learning moments. This is an interesting way to help your young champs so that, they make wise food choices. What you eat, significantly influences your kids eating habits. 

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