9 Vegetables That Kids Love

By Nmami Agarwal             07/11/2018

9 Vegetables That Kids Love

After reading this blog, you might be surprised to know that there are super healthy vegetables which are liked even by children.  It’s very common for kids to have their likes and dislikes especially when it comes to food, particularly vegetables. So feeding kids with their favorite vegetables can be a good start.

It’s always great to give a variety of fruits and vegetables to your kids. In spite of giving basic vegetables, you should incorporate other nutritious vegetables which you might think that kids don’t like but you can introduce those vegetables in different and fancy ways in their diet.

If you add the following vegetables in an innovative manner in your child’s diet then you will be amazed to find that your children actually loved it.

  • Peas– Kids love peas! You would definitely be going to find out that your toddlers will love frozen peas if you give them in different ways like in pancakes, biryani, cutlets. Peas provide them with several B vitamins, Vitamin C, vitamin K, folate. They are also important for metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Broccoli– You must have heard many times the same refrain at the dinner table by kids refusing to taste anything green: But one of the most likable cruciferous vegetables is broccoli which your kid will not refuse to eat. Broccoli can be included in pasta, pizza, bruschetta, salad, fritters, cutlets. Eating lots of cruciferous vegetables plays a key role in our continuing good health and development in every stage of life.
  •   Lady’s finger– It is one of the most lovable vegetables among kids. Whether you give okra as a plain vegetable stir-fry (sabzi) or incorporate it in other dishes, kids will always love to eat it. Ladyfinger is high in Vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, fiber. It helps to prevent sunstroke, poor bowel movement and controls asthma.
  • Mushroom– Mushroom is one of the vegetables that can be included in any of the cuisines and can be enjoyed in every season. It can make any dish so delicious and tempting that kids will for more. It is an excellent source of potassium, protein, tryptophan, selenium, and copper. It boost the immune system, helps in proper nutrient absorption.
  •   Spinach– You may not be aware that there are many appetizers which can be enhanced in their taste and health by adding spinach. Pasta, Cutlets, Lasagne, Fritters, Juice are some of the food items in which spinach can boost their nutritional content.
  •  Cauliflower– The second tastiest cruciferous veggie is cauliflower. It enriches the appearance, taste, nutritional content of the dish. These cruciferous vegetables help to improve immunity, proper digestion, provides fiber and prevents eye degeneration.
  •  Bell Peppers– Green, yellow, red, orange bell peppers make a colorful rainbow out of any dish so, it is a popular choice amongst kids. Bell peppers are mouth-watering treats that can be filled, roasted, grilled and can be simply added to different platters like pasta, pizza, tikka, cutlets, sandwich, lasagne. It is very beneficial for our eyes as it provides us with vitamin A, it is also rich in vitamin C and B and improve our immune system and digestion.
  •   Green Beans– There are only a few beans that your toddler can pick and green beans are one of them! Fresh and healthy beans are full of antioxidants and amino acids. It is also rich in vitamin A, K, folate, and fiber which help in better bowel movement. It controls appetite and provides satiety.
  • English carrot– This bright orange carrot is one of the favorite vegetables of kids. Due to its high nutritional content, it is not only tasty but fill us with healthy nutrients. English carrot maintain kids oral and skin health, provide multiple vitamins such as A, B, C, K and prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

Over to you: So try these vegetables for your kids which they will definitely be going to like, enjoy and crave for them. Here the most important point to keep in mind while serving these vegetables is to incorporate these into an unconventional way and then you will realize that it’s not the vegetables that kids don’t like but it’s the way it is presented to them.

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