5 Ways to Hide Health Punches in Your Kids’ Favourite Foods

By Nmami Agarwal             02/02/2017

5 Ways to Hide Health Punches in Your Kids’ Favourite Foods

Believe it or not, fussy eaters make the most creative moms. If you’ve got one, consider that a blessing in disguise. By the time your kid celebrates his 10th birthday, you’d have mastered the art of hiding nutrition in the most unhealthy-looking dishes.

Here are 5 ways to get you started.

Broccoli dips: “Nothing is as bad as broccoli,” this is what most kids say. But, as a mother you know how rich it is with magnesium and antioxidants. You also know how hard it is for kids to turn away from dips. It takes only 5 minutes to purée Broccoli with cheese and turn it into a yummy dip to b served with corn nachos.

Fruits and nuts: Very few kids enjoy eating raw fruits and juicing them seems like the only way. However, there’s another way – Jellies. The readymade jams and jellies are loaded with harmful amounts of sugar. Cut this in half by making a colourful breakfast bowl filled with corn flakes and fresh fruits chopped in attractive shapes. Replace, dairy milk with almond milk and a powerful punch of fruits and nuts is ready for your kid! Also, try greek yogurt with fresh fruits.

Whole grains: Mothers replace white bread with multi-grain brown bread, but kids don’t appreciate that either. So, ground the grains at home and add it to your regular flour for chapatis. Store the coarse part in a jar and add it to the veggies to thicken the gravy and make it more nutritious.

Lentil soup: Tell them to have dal, and they’ll make a face. Introduce a bowl of steaming lentil soup and they’ll jump to it. Dals are a natural and rich source of proteins. Boil a mix of dals, blend them with some veggies and serve with breadcrumbs and sweet corn. Add 2-3 leaves of spinach to make it more nutritious. They just won’t know!

Chapatis: Kids very rarely enjoy chapatis and paranthas. So, an easy way out is to reintroduce them into the menu as wraps, rolls, pizza bases, and tacos. Borrow ideas from Mediterranean and Arabic recipes and cook stress-free. You could make them colourful by kneading flour with grated beetroot (red chapatis) and spinach purée (green chapatis).

Turn on the stealth mode for nutritious items. Try these and let us know how it went. Did you try other tricks too? What were they?

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