5 Meals You Should End Your Day With

By Nmami Agarwal             01/23/2019

5 Meals You Should End Your Day With

Nothing can be more difficult than deciding what to have in dinner and what not to have especially when dinner meal has to be smaller as compared to your breakfast or lunch. The reason behind it is the reduced activity at night as compared to throughout the day. However, dinner is an important meal, which never should be skipped. Doing so cause ravenous hunger when you wake up next morning including severe acidity, nausea and disturbed sleep at night along with the temptation and craving for sweet at night again.

Eating a lavish dinner results in bloating also high sugar, high protein and high fat dinner overloads your digestive system making it work for all night thereby, slowing down your body physically and mentally both for the next day. Also, make sure you have your dinner two hours before the bed time, should be low in salt and at last try and make some time to walk for 15 min after dinner which helps in preventing diabetes. So, today we have come up with 5 meals you should end your day with. And not to mention, each recipe have a premium nutritious ingredients, plus herbs and spices to boost flavor but not the calories. Let’s hit the list!

  • Whole Wheat Veg Wrap: It’s a simple and nutritious wrap! A no-fuss wrap loaded with anti-oxidant and health benefiting plant compounds due to veggies like tomatoes, spring carrots, onions, bean sprouts and spinach helping reverse ageing, promoting eye health and much more. This wrap is not just nutritious but also luscious because of fresh herbs making it a perfect light dinner meal.
  • Quinoa And Lemon Soup: This health nourishing quinoa and lemon soup is extensively loaded with tender bites of chicken and quinoa packed with wholesome fresh vegetables supplying fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals making a fulfilling, light and healthy soup bowl, all simmered in a lemony chicken broth seasoned with herb like thyme. Best for giving it a tag of a comforting dinner meal!
  • Stir Fry Veggies With Toasted Multigrain Bread: Simply get multigrain bread toasted for yourself and speared the wholesome stir fry veggies as per your choice. Multigrain bread is good source of carbohydrate, low in fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals that keeps you feeling full by keeping the essential nutrients under check because of stir fried veggies as veggies have ample amounts of vitamins such folate, vitamin A, K and vitamin B6, carotenoids, lycopene from tomatoes making the meal a digestible one.
  • Shredded Chicken Soup With Vegetable Broth: This easy and brightly flavored shredded chicken soup topped with mild flavored herbs. Or else it can be made pungent by simply moderating the number of hot peppers used in it. Shredded chicken provide a good supply of healthy fatty acids, essential vitamins, minerals and protein, helping you aid in weight loss, regulating blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Roasted Or Grilled Chicken With Rice: This outrageously delicious roasted or grilled chicken with rice recipe is an entirely must have dinner meal! With a lip-smacking roasted flavor of chicken is a wonderful combination of taste. Chicken topped with sautéed rice has a lot to offer you’re your bodily nourishment such as carbs, selenium, vitamin B6, B12, choline, phosphorus and pantothenic acid along with anti-cancer properties, lowering bad cholesterol levels and promoting calcium absorption which is good for bone health.

Over to you

The key to focus here is a light but equally balanced meal to end you day with, so that you can fall asleep with the naturally running clock of your body. Therefore, to fill the time gab in between your main meals of the day, have light yet nutritious meals like suggested above and wake up in morning like a power club.

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