5 Obesity Myths

By Nmami Agarwal             09/13/2018

5 Obesity Myths

This obesity epidemic is amongst the most decisive health issues troubling millions around the world. That true too, that obesity epidemic has engendered a lot of call of attention for numerous solutions. Also, it has generated a super-sized room of myths and misunderstandings revolving
around in the heads of millions. This multiple misunderstanding creates a number of myths about obesity and weight loss.
Such myths influence how obesity and excess weight makes you all feel about yourselves. All this revolving confusion makes you believe that terms like weight loss and improved health and impossible to achieve. So, today here we are to burst the top 5 myths so that you can understand the fact that nothing can stop you from being healthy or losing weight. Here are those!

  • Myth 1: You have to lose a lot of to be healthy: A proven modest weight loss between five to ten percent of your total body weight help you improve certain issues like type-2 diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. So, f you lose just five to ten percent of your current weight, you will experience health benefits. Whereas, losing weight than ten percent of your total body weight can result in nutritional deficiency which will do as instead of doing any good to the body.
  •  Myth 2: You have to give up on your favourite foods: We never recommend giving up on your favourite foods to lose weight. It’s not the foods that ruin your healthy weight loss weight journey. Instead, it’s the way of cooking and quantity of ingredients used while cooking. Also, processed and junk foods are amongst the list of culprit foods misleading you to unhealthy weight gain called obesity. Therefore, treating yourself with homemade treats using healthy ingredients will nowhere harm you.
  •  Myth 3: If you want to lose weight, you need to go on a low-carb diet: Carbohydrates are all about energy provided to your body found in foods like fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products. Your body uses these foods to make glucose, which is your body’s
    main energy source. Moreover, calories are burnt in the flame of carb. Following a low- carb diet may help you lose weight but it also lowers your body energy levels and deprives you of a healthy living.
  •  Myth 4: Eat what models eat and you will look like them: Like all of you outside the modelling industry, models to eat. The difference that makes a big difference between their health and your health is healthy eating habits. Models do watch out their diets and enjoy food as much as anyone does. And that’s our forte is! Eat healthy and stay healthy! You do not have to eat less to look like them, follow a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity; you will see the difference on your own.
  • Myth 5: I can’t lose weight because I don’t have the willpower: Weight loss is not just about willpower. There are several contributors to the ability to lose weight. The human body’s energy balance and metabolism are part of a very complicated system. Fat tissue is a dynamic endocrine organ which is the part of the system and, in obesity, functions abnormally making weight loss very difficult.

Over to you
Don’t get surrounded so much by such myths and disbelieves that de-motivate you to stay healthy. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and fresh food while adding some physical activities in your life to stay on a healthy track. And don’t ruin your inspiration to stay healthy by believing
in these myths.

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