Take a Healthy Holiday!

By Nmami Agarwal             05/17/2018

Take a Healthy Holiday!

Like everyone else, do you let go off everything too while on vacation? People tend to take a break not only from their exerting lifestyle, but also their health in general. The lack of energy post vacations can be a reason of unconscious binging on food and over-indulgence of momentary comforts. While you could think of your vacations to be relaxing and give you all the “me-time” you need to ensure and be mindful of what you consume.

Worry not! This isn’t as difficult or tiring as you think it to be. It only requires a little planning and awareness. Let holidays be truly enjoyable, relaxing and healthy for you – let the vacation time begin!

Have an omelette breakfast, but throw in some veggie

While the former gives you the necessary protein, the later will provide you with all the healthy nutrients. Without vegetables, you are just stashing up on protein which alone is not enough to sustain your health goals.

One scoop of ice-cream with lots of fruits

Moderation is the key. Instead of having two scoops, load your bowl up with lots of crunchy fruits, nuts and one scoop of ice-cream. This way, you make the fruits tasty and give your body some nutrition.

Drink healthy

Have lots and lots of water. Prepare some lemonade with a pinch of salt to keep your electroly levels up or charge up the coconut water game and relax with these instead of the unhealthy choices like soda. We miss out on fluids during our busy week and vacation is the time to make up for lost time.

Schedule your eating and do not skip any meal

Both will lead to overeating which is not at all good for your body. Only have a snack if you are hungry. Remember, your main meals of the day provide you with the necessary nutrition and you do not want to skip these for a heavy snack you had earlier.

Eat healthy and eat right! This should be the key mantra to make your vacation the ideal one. Provide your body with the required and essential nutrients so that you can be energized enough to wander and discover the good deeds around.


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