Summer Fruits you must have in your diet!

By Nmami Agarwal             05/02/2018

Summer Fruits you must have in your diet!

Mangoes – The mango season the back and it’s a joy for all the mango lovers to relish their favourite summer fruit again. Mangoes are enriched with impressive amounts of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin a and c, iron and potassium which helps in providing numerous benefits to our body, works a great fruit for the healthy functioning of eyes, prevents heat stroke and along with this helps in strengthening the immune system.
Note: Rejoice this summer with mangoes but remember to keep in mind the portion size and number of mangoes. Since when eaten in excess it can unnecessarily shoot up the blood sugar levels and ultimately lead to weight gain in the long run. Along with this, it might cause indigestion or blisters and itchiness in some individuals.
Watermelon – This hydrating fruit is the second favourite summer fruit you must add in your diet. Choose to rehydrate this summers with watermelon which will not only make you feel refreshed but with also loaded with antioxidants and electrolyte such as sodium and potassium. It’s made with 92% water makes it a perfect fruit for summers. Since it’s also filled with Vitamin B-6, watermelons can definitely give a boost to mood and calm your nerves. It may act as a surprise, but it also acts as a natural sun protector, since it contains lycopene, which seems to protect our skin cells from sun damage.
Papaya – Nourish your summers with a fresh bowl of papaya every day to fight the signs of aging and aids gastrointestinal issues digestion and constipation. Packed with papain, an enzyme present in papaya works as a natural home – remedy for healing burns and digestion. They contain a substantial amount of Vitamin A, B, C and K acting as an excellent immunity fighter. Papaya works a beauty element for your skin fighting against free- radicals and those disturbing wrinkles. You can also choose to exfoliate with papaya by blending it with few drops of honey and lemon which can improve your skin texture and appearance by removing the acne scars and pimples.

Peaches – Peaches are the classics of the summers season. Since they are enriched with Vitamin A, B, and C along with potassium, magnesium and iron. It promotes good health by working as a growth supplementing fruit for pregnant mothers and reduces stress and anxiety. In addition, it also acts as the natural detoxifier for our system by flushing out all the toxic substances.

Musk – melon – The summers are filled with another delicious, fresh and juicy melon also called Cantaloupe Melon. This fruit is loved and enjoyed by almost all the age groups, is a wonder fruit packed with numerous benefits. The nutrient-dense fruit is filled with oodles of Vitamin A and C for maintaining strong vision and immunity. Loaded with high water and fiber content makes it ideal to beat the heat this summer’s along with this acts as fighter fruit to deal with constipation and ensure regular bowel movements.

Apricots – The super versatile, apricots are the summers essential fruits. The orange-yellow fruit is a great diet fruit which you must incorporate into your day’s diet to boost up your metabolism. Apricots are boosted up with health benefits which include them to work for the overall well being. They are packed up with good amount potassium and calcium for strengthening bones and providing pain relief from arthritis and osteoporosis. Not only this, these apricots have also a magnificent amount of antioxidants and iron to protect the system against the anemia and oxidative damage.

Plums – Enhance your immunity with the exotic plums in summer’s power packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C and K for regulating cardiovascular healthy and slowing down the signs of aging naturally for a majestic and appealing skin appearance. Along with this, they are a rich source of healthy dietary fiber, sorbitol, and isatin acting as a super fighter fruit against constipation and stomach related issues. Various studies promote plums working exceptionally well to control the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Cherries – These round, red-colored cherries are charged with nutrients such as fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, and carotenoids. These are usually available in different sizes and flavors such as (sweet and tart). Since cherries have a high fiber and low- glycemic index which makes it an ultimate choice for the weight watchers and helps in maintaining their weight. To add to your knowledge tart (sour) cherries decrease the uric acid levels in our system which in turns helps to treat the gout and kidney stones. The cherries are also filled with melatonin, a phytochemical which can improve the disturbed sleep cycles and promotes a good sound sleep.

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