Mothers Don’t Pause

By Nmami Agarwal             05/10/2018

Mothers Don’t Pause

Did a thought of not being with your mother makes you feel a deep-hot-rush in your heart? If yes, go ahead! This one’s for you, friend.
Apart from uniting a family together, running for it and raising herself above the odds in a journey as a homemaker, a boss-lady – motherhood is another aspect of her life which she always stands by. Sacrifices made over the happiness for her children are uncountable and so is the love. There is no other role in life more crucial and ethereal than that of mother. Since the moment her womb was adorned with the beautiful life inside, her own life took a toll and there she was,embarking upon the journey of motherhood.

Mothers are never learners, even during their initial days, somehow God makes them a giver at the core. She works continuously from first ring of alarm, early in the morning till meals are served and day comes to an end for one and all in the family. Despite of being a woman for herself, before anyone else, mums never fail of being a lifeline to one and all. The woman who’s an all-rounder in herself – from making sure everyone is healthy and up to the mark, being a nurse, doctor, chef, watchman, story-teller, the boss-lady at work and a force to reckoned with if (God-forbid) something happens in the family. She is a powerhouse and the glue who holds everyone together and make a family out of different humans.
Indian society calls a daughter’s house once she’s married “maa-yeka”which means – mother’s house. That’s the power she gives to all the relationships. A family, a house, no matter who’s the bread-earner – is made from and because of, THE WOMAN – THE MOTHER.
There are innumerable phases, a woman goes through in herself – the medical, emotional, mental and health changes. Do you remember the last time you took care of her while she went through any of the above? Do you remember that she stopped for a day while she was suffering from a viral infection, wasn’t she still on her toes? Do you remember the last time you took her for her doctor’s appointment or was concerned enough to come back from work and put medicine on her foot, because she’s old and gray, and it’s a task for her? Mothers never pause, but the question is when will you begin?

There are a billion people out there who would celebrate mums today as another day. But there would be people out there, who would begin – to care, to understand, to focus, to value motherhood from today, for the rest of their lives. Motherhood is an emotion neither a relation nor responsibility; anyone who has got this beautiful emotion for you, go wish her, hug her, value her and most importantly – take care of her well being.
Become your irreplaceable and responsible self today, and pledge for being a great companion your mother needs for the rest of her life. Be a friend as much she has been to you. Wish her well, wish her health!

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