Difference Between Smoothie And Shake

By Nmami Agarwal             05/07/2018

Difference Between Smoothie And Shake

On hot summer days, both smoothies and shakes are good to have as revitalizing treats. At first glance, both of them might seem very similar but several key differences make them two separate drinks to enjoy in such scorching summary days and even latter. Smoothies and shakes are found at numerous restaurants and shops where at times number of people really can’t make any difference between these two drinks and ends up choosing a wrong one according to their preference. Some key factors that can help you to make an easy and quick choice one over other.
A basic smoothie is usually a beverage blended with a thick consistency that is made from pureed fruits, veggies, milk, yogurt or juice. However, there are smoothies as well that just contain only fruits in it. Where it solely depends on your personal preference what you would like to have. Many people like to add wholegrain and oatmeal to achieve the thick consistency and various additional options like honey and protein increase the nutritional value and taste too.
Shakes on the other hand, across the globe is commonly referred and taken as a treat or dessert. Generally, shakes are taken along with breakfast and as a meal replacement just like smoothies. In terms of true shakes they typically have base ingredients like dairy product including ice-cream in which flavors are added in form sweetening syrups, caramel and powdered or fresh fruits. On the counter part, flavors in regular shakes is added from flavored ice-cream and are garnished with candies and whipped cream to make it taste better.
Generally, smoothies are high in carbohydrates and have low-fat content, unless and until high-fat ingredient such as peanut butter and else peanuts itself are added into it. Unlike shakes, smoothies are considered to be a healthier option and also a better alternative of it mainly because of the fact smoothies have a base ingredients like fresh fruits and veggies. Shakes whereas, contains huge amount of saturated fats and are comparatively high in calories than smoothies. Even though they are in high in sugar level they contain good amount of protein and calcium too.

Both smoothies and shakes are healthy as long as you are making it at home by yourself and there’s nothing to get worried about but when you place any such order these drinks at a restaurant, be little careful from being served a shake or smoothie in disguise an absolute artificial sweetened drink. For that, ensure you are choosing a healthier option by asking questions like: Are the fruits or veggies fresh? Do you have any authenticated nutritional information for this drink? Do you use flavored syrups or artificial colors in this drink? Do you add frozen yogurt or ice-cream scoop? After all, who don’t wish to be on a safer side to maintain overall wellbeing at the end?

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