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Most of us eat to live, some of us live to eat, the foodies. But how many of us eat today for a healthier tomorrow? How many of us share a harmonious relationship with our food?

Our perception of food is black and white - this is healthy, and this is not. When in fact, it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve - your health goal. No food is unhealthy. How we eat it and how much we eat is what makes it healthy (as per our health objective).

Nmami Life does just that - personalised nutrition! Under the leadership of Celebrity Nutritionist, Ms. Nmami Agarwal, the most prominent dietitian and nutritionist in Delhi-NCR, we take into account full medical history, your personal preferences along with your health goal to plan your diet and modify your lifestyle.

We are dedicated to forging and maintaining a beautiful bond with food. Be it a special diet for running your next marathon, modifying your lifestyle for certain medical condition, or simply staying in shape, we hold your hand from the beginning to the finish line.

Our unique approach has earned us the trust of hundreds of mothers, families, celebrities, sportspeople, and fitness freaks. If you’re ready to reclaim your relationship with food, we’re here for you .

Let’s strike the perfect balance between love for food and food for health. Let’s eat healthy today for a healthier, happier tomorrow .

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Most Promising Dietician and Nutritionist

World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards (2017)


Listed under Best 50 Wellness Companies awards

World Health and Wellness Congress and Awards (2017)


Most Prominent Nutritionist and Dietitians in Delhi-NCR, Katalyst Research

Asia Brand Excellence Awards (2017)

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