Challenge- 5

Super Hydrated Day 5

If an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, then 3 litres of water will keep every health ailment at bay. Drinking water is not just essential to quench our thirst, but is pivotal for a healthy, fit body too. Hydration is the foundation for every other health trick that you have up your sleeve.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

Getting consumed by long hours at work, and staying busy round the clock keeps us from getting the sufficient amount of water intake. If drinking enough water is a struggle for you, then you’re in for our Super Hydrated challenge at the right time! Gulp away!


Super Hydrated

There will be no secret revealing if, we say that human body is made up of sixty percent of water. But what if we tell you that a human body loses up to sixty-four ounces of water in a day? New to know? Well, it’s true too! Ano...

Super Hydrated
Super Hydrated


Lemon Aloe Vera Drink

Staying hydrated is the foremost key to survive every single day. Drinking plain water from morning to night might seems monotonous, therefore, we are now up with lemon aloe vera drink which simultaneously, do a lot more beyond keeping you hy...

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