Challenge- 6

Sunrise Selfie Day 6

Early to bed is great, but early to RISE is so much better! Catch the break of dawn, and boost your immunity while achieving the best of health goals at wee hours of the morning with the Sunrise Selfie challenge.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

As we age or get older, the strength in our bones make all the difference. This is where the sun comes in, and helps in keeping our bones healthy. When we expose our bodies to the sun, it produces Vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones.


Sunrise Selfie

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”. A saying we grew up with, but a saying that we, unfortunately, don’t pay much attention to! Putting the alarm on snooze and sleeping in sounds like heaven to most us, but it’s anything but for our bodies and overall healt...

Sunrise Selfie
Sunrise Selfie


Green Mushroom Omelette

How about getting loads of vitamin D along with flavors reminiscent in classic Greek omelet? Well, it not just sounds good but also tastes amazing while giving you significant amount of vitamin D. This easy to make Greek ...

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