Challenge- 14

Smoothie Day 14

Smoothies are a great way to blend the best of health benefits with flavor. If eating veggies and fruits means spending a lot of time chopping and cooking, then smoothies are an excellent way to get nutrients into your body in an easy peasy way.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

Who doesn’t love smoothies. The Smoothie Day challenge should come easily to you, as all you have to do is whip up a fruity option to quench your thirst with, and meet all your dietary needs, the healthy way!


Smoothie Day

Easy? All you have to do is replace your carbonated soft drinks with your favorite smoothie. Make your favorite smoothie any day with all your favorite healthy recipes. You don’t have to step outside to buy it. Just put all those healthy fruits in a mixture and blend to your level of thickness. M...

Smoothie Day
Smoothie Day


Green Apple Banana Smoothie

Let’s get one more dive in the fantastic world of smoothie and try making out green apple banana smoothie- a sweet and healthy glass loaded with apple, banana, and yogurt to start a power-packed day. So, make...

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