Challenge- 9

Sleep Debt Covered Day 9

5 hours. 4 hours. 6 hours. But it’s never enough for our bodies to function at their optimum. Sleep is as important as eating right, exercising and living a life of healthy habits. It’s not an uphill task, if you time yourself right.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

Are dark circles a major concern? Or does your boss always catch you yawning during meetings? 8 hours of sleep is what you need, and you need to complete this Sleep Debt Covered challenge tonight. Let’s GO!


Sleep Debt Covered

It is generally said that the mood in which you wake up with is mainly dependent on the type of sleep you have been in, last night. How many times in a week you wake up to groggy mornings? Waking up in the morning with a desire to slee...

Sleep Debt Covered
Sleep Debt Covered


Ayurveda Infusion

It’s very frustrating not being able to sleep properly, and not having a proper good night rest. It can cause depression and some serious heart problems like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Instead of relying on sleeping pills or other pharmaceutical options try this wonderful turmeric milk ...

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