Challenge- 4

Read For 10 Minutes Day 4

Read for 10 minutes always makes a lethal combination, don’t you agree? A well-read person is not just intelligent, but extremely attractive and great to have a conversation with. Read your way to a smarter mind with the Read For 10 Minutes challenge.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

You had a lot of time in school and college to indulge in carefree reading, but office work now gets in the way? Take out 10 minutes each day, and read a book that’s been long pending on your to-read list. Amp up those brain cells with the Read For 10 Minutes challenge.


Read For 10 Minutes

The brain is the most complex organ of your body, which commands the functioning of all other organs and also your behavior. It produces your every thought, action, memory, feeling, and experience about the world around you. Starting number of nerve cells (or neurons) in brain forms mind-blowing ...

Read For 10 Minutes
Read For 10 Minutes


Beety Beauty Bowl

As you know, brain is the most complex and important part of your body as it commands all the functions of it. There are a few number of foods to help you with your brains to think better and to help you transmit messages to your body. Fruits used in this salad are incredibly nutritious and are load...

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