Challenge- 7

No Screen Sleep Day 7

Scrolling through FB, Insta, and Twitter is a lot of fun for our entertainment, but is anything but fun for our eyes, and overall health, as it keeps us from sleeping on time. Make it a point to switch off your phone at least an hour before you sleep each night, and get sound sleep. Reading this at half past 10:00 PM? Switch off your phone after this!

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

If you hit the snooze button each morning more than you hit the treadmill, then it’s time you challenge yourself with our No Screen Sleep challenge. Be more alert, and get better sleep each day by following this simple routine.


No Screen Sleep

Bluelight bad for sleep! The natural cycle tells us when to sleep and when to wake up, but the blue light from the electronics confuses our brain when it needs to rest. Because electronic devices are all around us, its hard to avoid their...

No Screen Sleep
No Screen Sleep


Buddha Bowl

Energy required by our body reduces from morning till night. We don’t require so much energy when we relax post dinner and then sleep. Eating lighter dinner aids in digestion and help you better utilize nutrients of food. One such light and hearty recipe is this burrito bowl inspired Buddha bowl r...

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