Challenge- 8

No Fried Food Day 8

All fried and no steamed makes Jack a dull and lethargic boy! Steamed, boiled or lightly grilled veggies and protein are always a good option if you want better digestion and a fitter body, minus the flab.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

If you have been a fried food junkie, but need some motivation to quit, then NOW is the time. Get going with our No Fried Food challenge, and reach the finish line faster to better health.


No Frying Day

Deep frying might give you the desired crunchiness to food while taking you to heavenly treats you always wondered off. This common cooking method is not just yours favourite, it’s the universal cooking method. Beat street stalls, café or any restaurants, fried is the food that has a global fan f...

No Frying Day
No Frying Day


Rice Savory Dimsums

For a no-fry challenge, try these healthy and delicious dimsums or rice momos. These dimsums are good for health as we are going to prepare them with rice flour instead of traditional all-purpose flour which is very harmful for our intestine...

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