Challenge- 3

Easy Fitness Day 3

Good things come to those, who BURN! Staying fit and exercising does not always have to be about a 40 minute jog or hours spent at the gym. Small steps towards staying fit is easy if we make a little effort, and prioritize our health in the right way.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

If chalking out time for the gym is not feasible for you, and if a sedentary life is getting to your hips, then this is a easy and fun challenge for you. Make Easy Fitness a part of your routine, and enjoy a healthy body, mind and soul.


Easy Fitness

Jumping Jacks are one amongst many sweet remembrances from our childhood lanes. Now it’s time to cherish it again not by thinking or talking about it, but working the same way on it. Some people do it because they simply enjoy doing it but it is mainly for cardiovascular fitness which also gently ...

Easy Fitness
Easy Fitness


Avocado Egg Bruschetta

Eating right food after any exercise is very important as your body will immediately try to rebuild its glycogen stores along with that it also start repairing and re growing broken down muscle proteins. And this recipe is perfect for a post workout meal as it contain a combination of carbs, protein...

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