What is the 15 Day Challenge?

Setting goals and taking small steps towards a better body, mind and spirit is what the 15 Day Challenge is all about! For 15 days straight, Nmami gives you achievable goals that are fun, and beneficial for your health in every way possible.

Challenge- 15

Fruit n’ Meal Day 15

Fiber is important for digestion and helps in detoxing our body. This is where fruits play an important role. Eating fruits is easy, but always remembering to, is not possible. An easy way to get maximum fruits into our system is to include one in each meal. This way, we get our fruity dose, and add to our health too.

What makes this
challenge perfect for YOU?

We’re not all perfect when it comes to following a strict diet. But starting small is the key. If you miss out on a lot of fiber action and need a detox, then our Fruit In Meal challenge is a must for you.


Fruit ‘n’ Meal

Fruits are attractive when their appearance in taken into account and they are more desirable when counting their nutritional value. Moreover, their vibrant color is because of their nutrient composition. Fruits are the best punctuation between your meals, completing your heal...

Fruit ‘n’ Meal
Fruit ‘n’ Meal


Mexican Style Fruit Salsa

This delightfully Mexican style fruit salsa is especially made for true fruit salsa lovers. With a taste of bitter-sweet combination, this fruit salsa is best to accompany for healthful days. Try this fruit loaded Mexican style bowl and get yourself packed with nutrients. Nutritional Valu...

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